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Unlocking The Science Of Deposition Water Harvesting™

We Follow the “Rule of Nature”

The Poles

A process that starts at the top

To harvest unlimited water from the air, we need only look at the Earth’s poles, the Arctic and Antarctic, and the tops of large mountain ranges, for example, the Alps, Himalayas, Andes, Rockies, etc.



All the way to us

The conditions in these regions are at temperatures below the triple point of water, which means the water vapor phase changes from a gas directly to a solid (frost). The frost then melts and runs down from our mountaintops and glaciers into our lakes, oceans, and rivers.

Significant Constraints In Current AWG And Desalination

We have created a new Market with DWH™ Technology!
Significantly Outperforms Both AWG and Desalination!

AWG Constrains and Challenges

  • High power requirements for current AWG systems make them impractical choices for most regions.
  • Most current equipment needs at least 35% relative humidity to function, which is prohibitive to many of the places that need it the most.
  • Most technologies have had high up-front costs and are cost-prohibitive in emerging economies that need them the most.

Desalination Constraints and Challenges

  • Extremely high energy cost
  • Open ocean intakes used by coastal power plants and desal plants in California kill 70 billion fish larvae and other marine life on an annual basis.
  • High CO2 Emission.
  • Brine waste also poses a potential threat to marine life and water quality, as it contains dangerously high concentrations of salts and other minerals significantly altering coastal ecosystems.

is the solution!

  • Deposition Water Harvesting™ (DWH™) is NOT reliant on relative Humidity and operates completely green.
  • It solves the three major road blocks like initial cap-ex.
  • Requires only 68wh per liter!
  • It does not need to be connected to the grid for power (a small solar panel can power the unit).
Endless Pure Water Is Just A Click Away

Eternal Spring™ (DWH™) VS (AWG)



188cm (H) x 111.8cm (W) x 205.8cm (L)



Operation Conditions

(-10) c° to 40C°
1% - 99%RH relative humidity runs optimally anywhere within operating conditions


Constant and Consistent 500L per day


< 55 dBA


220V/60hz or 220V/50hz

Power Consumption

Nominal: 1.4 kW | Peak: 2.2kW

Energy Efficiency

68 Wh per Liter

Yield per kWh

14.70 Liters per kWh

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130cm (H) x 8 4 c m ( w ) x 159.0cm (L)



Operation Conditions

15Cº to 40Cº
35% relative humidity or higher
Will only run optimally at 26.6Cº/60%RH


[Up to 220L] studies have shown to expect 20% of rated "up to" yield. Expect 44L per day.


< 75 dBA


230V/50hz or 240/60hz

Power Consumption

Nominal: 2.2 kW | Peak: 3.5 kW

Energy Efficiency

350 Wh per Liter

(this number will go up significantly when not operating in optimal conditions

Yield per kWh

0.55 Liters per kWh

Eternal Spring™ (DWH™) Vs. Hydro-solar Panel Water Technology








Space Need

15.0 sq ft

2,133 sq ft

You would need at least 166 hydro-solar panels taking up 2,133 sq ft. at a cost of $581,000 to produce the same amount as 1 Eternal Spring™ unit, occupying only 15.0 sq ft. at a cost of $45,000

  • Cost of DWH™: 4.54 cents per gallon
    (assumes a cost of 20 cents per kWh)
  • Average Household Usage: 300 Gal per day
  • Cost Per Household Per Month: $415
  • Unintended Consequences: NONE!
  • Cost of Desal: 20 cents per gallon (According to the US Department of Energy)
  • Average Household Usage: 300 Gal per day
  • Cost Per Household Per Month: $1,800
  • Incalculable cost: Brine (concentrated salt) waste destroys the environment and marine life

Unlock the power of pure, boundless water sourced from thin air, ready for your use whenever and wherever you need it.

Eternal Spring puts an end to water stress, droughts, contaminated water, and conflicts regarding access to water supply.

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